Elements Blue King Size Slim Rice Rolling Papers- Connoisseur


Grown from the Earth. Fed By the Water. Burned by the Fire. Carried by the Wind.

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Element Rolling paper is made of pure rice paper, The pure rice makes the rolling paper burn extra slow and extra clean so that you can enjoy a pure smoke.

Elements are made from natural earth friendly materials like rice and sugar without the use of harsh chemicals or burn agents. They burn with virtually zero ash except for the natural sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns. The earthly result? The best rolling paper known to man.

Each sheet is imprinted with Element proprietary crisscross watermark. This watermark helps prevent runs and allows for a smooth and even burn. Hold a sheet of Elements Rolling Papers up to the light and you will see its beautiful watermark pressed into each sheet.

  • Element Branded
  • King Size Slim
  • 44 x 110mm
  • 33 Leaves per Book
  • Including Filter Tips


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