ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops – Silver


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Expand your existing Electrastim range with this eye-catching set of two rubber ElectraLoops. With a shiny and stylish silver choke to adjust the circumference and a high-grade aluminium billet, these thick rubber loops can provide amazing penis and scrotal play when hooked up to an Electrastim base stimulator unit. These ElectraLoops are easy to use yet offer a great variety to your customers with a range of different ways to wear them –  wear both loops on the shaft for intense stimulation, or wear one on the penis and the other around the scrotum for the ultimate male stimulation. The thick rubber tubing creates a greater contact surface area so the Prestige loops provide an even more powerful and balanced stimulation than the original Electrastim Rubber Cock Loops. The striking anodized finish insulates the elegant silver choke making sure that the rubber loop receives all the stimulation power and no current is lost. So, get your customers electrified with these Electrastim ElectraLoops, they’ll be loopy from excitement to try the newest electro-penis experience.

  • Set of two unipolar penis-loops
  • Even and powerful electro-stimulation and enhanced erections
  • Material: 6.5mm thick, highly conductive premium rubber
  • Aluminium adjustment choke with an anodized silver finish
  • Adjustable up to 60mm/2.35” in diameter
  • 2mm pins for full Electrastim compatibility
  • Multi-language instructions included
  • Easy to clean and use

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