CHONGZ DR. DEATH 4-Part Grinder


Gothic, Robust metal 4-piece.

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This robust 4 part metal herb grinder from Chongz has a midnight black body speckled with splashes of toxic metallic green, atop the grinder lies the Dr. Death logo, a perfect fit for this colour palette.

This 4 part Herb grinder is made from the High-quality Aluminium Alloy and has edged teeth for the perfect crush for your doobie. This grinder has a 60mm diameter, so you can depend on it grinding more than enough for your session!

between the third and fourth piece lies a layer of mesh, making the separation of ground flower and powder residues a no-effort task, and allowing the accumulation of more and more sweet keef powder with every grind. save it for a rainy day and a REALLY good smoke! XD