Rolling Papers are one of the first things that come to mind when asked what’s in your smoke box, and everyone has their favourites, and those they will only use in emergencies! We have a feeling you’ll find your new signature here among our hemp, rice, organic, unbleached and coloured papers from iconic brands like Raw and OCB, as well as new classics like Blazy Susan!

They say that variety is the spice of life, And the same can be said for your smoke! Sometimes the original flavour doesn’t quite cut it, and that’s okay– we have a Pick ‘N’ Mix of flavoured smokables,  from blunt wraps by Mike Tyson, and Juicy Jay’s papers, to terpene-infused tips and cones by King Palm. At Mellow Moods, you can get a taste, no matter what your flavour! ;P

Pipes/ Waterpipes

If papers add a little too much flavour to your smoke, we at Mellow Moods have a great selection of pipes in a range of materials!

If a puff with a little extra oomph is something you’re pining for, but the experience of rolling lacks sophistication and efficiency, using a wooden pipe is a good smoke strategy, adding a complementary earthy aroma to your pull, in addition to taking mere  moments to set up and adding an air of class to your session. Each type of wood will add a slightly different taste, so keep that in mind when looking through our pipe range!

Water Pipes differ from pipes in that they have a chamber for water, which is added to provide filtration of harmful chemicals in smoke. Water pipes have been staples of the smoke kit since the days of Cheech and Chong! Even if one prefers papers and roaches, 9 out of 10 stoners have a bong somewhere in the house!

Glass, Ceramic, Acrylic, or even electric, take your pick, here at Mellow Moods!

Many people like to add a few ice cubes to the neck of a water pipe for a cooler, less harsh puff, if this is you, be sure to go for a bong with ice notches!

Special Offers

& for the Boudoir?

Outside of our Fashion, Healing and Aromatherapy departments, we also have THOUSANDS of sex-enhancing products dedicated to satisfying your every salacious craving…

We have bedroom toys for you, him, her, or them to alone to enjoy, or to share with a partner, or partners… I’m sure you can tell that at Mellow Moods, we don’t judge!

Whether you seek the Sexual essentials like Condoms, Lube & Vibrators, or the slightly kinkier side of sexware (BDSM/Bondage, Watersports, even sex dolls!!!), Mellow Moods has you covered, or uncovered, I suppose! 😉

Find your perfect playtime here!